Seller FAQs

1-Why sell now?

2-When is the best time to sell?

3-What is the value of my home?

4-How do I price my home?

5-How do I sell my home and buy a new one at the same time?

6-What do I need to do to my home in order to sell?

7-Should I stage my home? (yes) How do I stage my home?

8-What is a “Seller Disclosure Form”? What do I need to know when filling one out?

9-What happens if my home doesn’t sell right away?

10-Why isn’t my home selling?

11-Do I need to provide a Home Warranty Plan?

12-Should I do a pre-inspection prior to listing?

13-Should I be home during the Home Inspection?

14-Should I be home for the Appraisal?

15-When can I submit an offer on my new home? – It depends, best to ask your Broker. It could be before getting you’re current house in contract, but in a hot market, you may want to wait until you are under contract so your offer looks stronger.

16-When should I cancel my U.S. Mail & Utility Company Connections?

What should I tell them the last day will be? – This varies by each contract, ask your Broker to make sure you don’t turn them off too soon.

17-Should I leave the leftover paint in the garage for the new buyers? – It depends, best to ask your Broker to verify with the Buyer’s Broker.