Hockey fight: Seattle’s season ticket sales pits owners against scalpers | MyNorthwest

Even the most optimistic local hockey boosters did not expect last Thursday’s outpouring of enthusiasm at the prospect of a Seattle NHL team: More than 25,000 season-ticket deposits collected in one hour, all of it in $500 to $1,000 increments.

NHL Seattle gets to 25K season ticket deposits in first hour

But hidden within the validation that the 60-minute, $13-million score gave to the expansion-minded league is something NHL team bosses see as a menace, almost as a form of malicious code in the financial software:

Secondary market brokers. Or as they are more commonly known, scalpers.

The team is so concerned about scalpers within the pool of depositors in Seattle, they are working with database analysts who will spend the next five days combing through the list of season-ticket hopefuls to eradicate known or suspected brokers.



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